Monday, March 31, 2008

Time for the big reveal! It's a ...

The suspense was killing us too! You know, they made us wait in the waiting room for an hour or so? It felt eternal! But soon enough, we got to go back and hear the exciting news that the Wee Little Braun is a tiny baby girl. We couldn't be more excited and I'm so giddy for pink and bows that I can just barely stand myself. And since the girls now outnumber the boys in the Braun house, our blog is going to sport some pink in celebration!

Here's where you folks come in. We're going to need some help coming up with names! Any suggestions anyone? Come on, let's hear them!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The weekend update...

So, my awesome, hilarious, super chill brother in law Andrew was staying with us last week and Easter weekend. On Saturday morning when I rolled out of bed, I found Adam and Andrew out in the garage, greasy up to their elbows CHANGING MY BREAKS! (Without being asked, I might add!) Would YOUR brother in law do that when he's supposedly on vacation at your house? AND this all went down when there were countless March Madness games going on. Those of you who know Adam well will know this was an amazing sacrifice for him. And then they changed Adam's brakes too! Anyway, they did an amazing job despite my car's best efforts to be stubborn and make things difficult and I'm happy to report my brakes stop on a dime. Thanks fellas!
Then, my brother and his family (complete with Stephanie's Uncle Rick), came over to join us for Easter dinner.
As you can see, we broke out the super high class card table for the little guys to sit at. They don't seem to mind too much. (Check out my child prodigy nephew with his Rubix cube there at the table - notice how he's fully solved it.)
And above we have evidence that OCD must be genetic. Normally we keep a heap of stuffed animals in the toy room in the back for when the kiddos come to visit. Well, the kids were playing in the master bedroom while the grown ups visited over dessert. I went in to check on the kids after a while and found that they had taken all the stuffed animals from the toy room and stacked them, each by type of animal (note the pairs neatly stacked next to one another) in the window seat of the room. Pretty sure the kids are either OCD or they're doing their best to reinact Noah's arc with stuffed animals. Anyway, that was our Easter. How was yours?

Friday, March 21, 2008

It's not just me...right?

Today it's my oldest sister's birthday. She's the second from the left and she is pretty much the awesomest...seriously. She's just rad. Any of you out there reading this who knows her would have to agree, right?

Anyway, this photo made me think of my sisters and how much fun they are. I always feel like I got away with something being related to I snuck into this super cool kids club without them knowing and now they have to love me. It's like the law or something. So then I was thinking that my brothers are every bit as awesome and fortunately, both brothers and sisters had the good sense (or probably good fortune) to marry someone as cool or cooler than they are!

So then I was thinking...every mom thinks her baby is the cutest. And they're right. Every baby can tie for the cutest, I think. So is that true of families too? Is everybody's family the coolest? Can we all tie for the most best families ever? Adam always teases me that we Lazerbeams think we're the coolest kids around. Help me out guys think your famlies are the coolest too, right?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

March Madness

Okay, folks, the brackets are out. Use the above link to pick the winners of each region and submit a comment to this post telling me your Final 4 picks and your ultimate champion.

Note: I am NOT asking for ALL of your picks. Just the Final 4. And the champion. You can tell me who is in your championship game if you want. But let's keep it simple.

And guess who I'm picking (for the 19th straight year) to win it all?

Okay, enough already. Go to it!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Not genealogy brackets this time...

I'm counting down the days. Start doing all your pre-research now so that you're in good position to do all your true research once the brackets are released on Sunday.
Be prepared to submit your final four picks here on this blog starting Monday!!
For every person that guesses all 4 teams correct, we'll post your favorite team's logo on the blog as your prize.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Star Wars + Adam = Amazing weekend for Tams

The Braun family culture czar would like to ask cyberspace for support with a little family problem...

You see, Tamara has never seen a Star Wars movie! Not the original three classics (R2D2, anyone?). Not the latest three episodes that introduced us to household names like Jar-Jar Binks and Darth Maul. Not even the Ewoks movies with the horribly fake vulture-like creature in the mountain cave and the sticky-fingered, zippy little pet rabbit thing. Nothing.

Please, everyone collectively gasp.

And now (please) everyone chime in and tell Tamara how un-American this is and how she should definitely succumb to a weekend of Star Wars movies with her husband. Go ahead, tell her how much she would love that! And tell her how uproaringly hilarious the above cartoon is!

For the sake of culture in the Braun home, please support this cause!