Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Surely someone out there remembers when we still looked like this, right? Back when our big worry was whether the linens at our reception would be a shade of almond or creme. OK, maybe that was my big worry and Adam's big worry was if I'd ever stop talking about indistinguishable shades of tan but I digress. I've been laughing all day thinking about what a fuss I made over the wedding and that's SO not even the good part about finding the proverbial one and getting married! You make this huge deal over one day when really it's every day after that really matters. It's true though. The wedding is pretty huge for one reason. Your life changes completely on that one day. And while it's built up to be the best day of your life, aren't we all so lucky that it's not? Sure, it was the best day I'd had so far, but tomorrow always holds more.

So to those nay sayers out there who say you couldn't possibly be happier married than you were single, I say bologna! I am. And I was really happy single! But just as the gospel adds joy to a life that was already pretty great, having someone who loves you unconditionally, who knows you inside and out and still finds reasons to think you're spectacular, and who gives you the sweetest baby in the entire world could adds greater joy to an already pretty happy girl. Thanks, Adam. Here's to one more year down and here's to a mazillion more to come.