Monday, December 8, 2008

I vaguely remember promising to post the loads of pics I have from Elizabeth's blessing back in September. At last, here they are (in exquisite detail).

These are a few shots taken by Kate, the same auntie who hand made this beautiful blessing dress with love. Thanks Kate for making our little family's first heirloom.

Here's the proud mom and dad (please note the obvious sleep deprivation on their faces)

We were so spoiled by the generosity of both our large (and ever growing) families that so many of the were able to make the trip out here to Texas to be with us.

Here's when Elizabeth first met her Papas.

And reunited with Auntie Courtney

And first met Aunt Michelle

Her cousins Emma and MacKenzie

Her [honorary] Aunt Marisa

Here's a wonderful example given by her grandpas of how to share...

This is how she greeted her Grandma Braun

And her Uncle John

Her Grandpa Jeff managed to wrestle away from her Papas for some alone time

But that was short lived and then her Uncle Jacob took over

And then, back to her Nana who was there when she was born and hasn't found a good excuse to put her down yet.

Thanks to the Brauns, Lazerbeams, Fairbanks, Edwardsons, the W.E.s and Johnsons for being a part of such a wonderful weekend for us. Elizabeth is blessed to be welcomed into the world by so many people who love her. We love you all right back.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ours was a bit different this year. We were supposed to be over at the Braun's for the holiday but Adam got so busy at work we couldn't leave. I thought it would be sad and lonely but it was so relaxing and wonderful. Look! I actually got to set a proper table! Woohoo! (when does THAT ever happen at my house? Never!) Adam cooked a brilliant turkey (which I have been banned from posting pictures of), we made all the sides just how we like them and we stuffed ourselves silly. You can see even Elizabeth's mouth was watering at the sight of it. And one more thing to be grateful for...Elizabeth let out her first real belly laugh on Thanksgiving Day. I'm having a rough time with the sound but even just seeing it is adorable, isn't it? (The video is long but there is such a cute part at about 30 seconds that I couldn't crop it. Feel free to fast forward.)