Wednesday, February 20, 2013

N has taken to announcing when S is freaking out.

Super loudly she'll announce in public "Mom, Our baby is having a fit!!!!"

But N can't say her " f " sound.  She replaces it with the "sh" sound.  Can you imagine the looks I get in the grocery store?  I've tried getting her to use another term besides "fit" but she is not interested in that idea.  What do I do with that?

She is trying out all kinds of new phrases.  She always beams when she correctly uses "that's the one"   Or " you got it!"

Today at the zoo, we randomly ran into some girls from our ward who graciously invited us to amble the grounds with them.  I was chatting with one of the girls, just casually making small talk.  My girls were sitting in front of me at one of the zoo exhibits, happily occupied and busily playing together.  My new ward mate asked how long the hubs and I have been married.  I said "About seven years."  E, without even looking up says, " no, mom.  Six years."  My new friend chuckled at E purported knowledge.  I laughed too ...and then I realized she was right.  "Oh yeah" I say. "It has been six years."  E says again without looking up, "it is, Mom. Six years."

Yep. I should be embarrassed that my four year old has a better memory than I.  On the other hand, it is a little gratifying to know for sure that all the brain cells that evacuated my head when I was expecting her  found a good home with her.  Thank the heavens for oldest children.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

She's figured me out!

The scene: driving home from church last Sunday (it takes about 20 minutes) E staring out the window and sees a restaurant.

E:  mom, can we try that restaurant?

I look out to see which one she's talking about. Not appetizing. AT ALL.

M: maybe. ( I was trying to sound optimistic about the prospect.)

E: awwwww. Maybe means no.

Yep, sure does! But when did she figure that out?

Poor baby!

Tooth number two just erupted. She is over teething and she only just started...