Sunday, June 26, 2011

Natalie had been running a pretty high random fever. I was taking her temp and Elizabeth was watching. I was trying to keep her from bugging Natalie or from catching whatever Natalie had.

E:"Mom, what are you doing?"
Mom: "I'm taking Natalie's temperature to see if she's sick."
E:"Mom, is Natalie sick?"
Mom:"She's got a fever. I'm not sure if she's sick though so please don't touch her."

Enter Dad.

E: "Dad, don't touch Natalie. She's got a beaver."

After baths we were putting lotion on Elizabeth. She saw a freckle on her ankle and in a super whiny, I'm just about to cry voice she starts to panic.

E: MOM! I've got an owie!
M: Silly, that's not an owie. It's a freckle. Freckles don't hurt!

In a super happy, perky voice and while pointing at her freckle:

E. MOM! Look at my pickle!