Friday, September 5, 2008

Party at the Braun house!

We're having more fun than we can handle. Our good friend Adam Findley came into town and was absolutely magic with his super awesome camera. I am now in possession of an entire CD of adorable candids of my baby like this one. That kid should charge for his work. He's unreal!

And my sister Courtney came into town. I always feel a little cooler for having hung out with her. Elizabeth loved her, as evidenced by the fact that Courtney could get her to go to sleep when Adam and I could not.

We had the best time and can't wait until she comes back at the end of the month. (and yes, for all of you who noticed, she is in fact the younger cuter version of me, but I try not to hate her for that.) :)

Elizabeth also got to meet another of our all time favorite people, Miss Rhia Jean. I'm pretty sure these two will be fast friends and if we have any luck, some of Rhia's awesomeness will rub off on our baby.

Last but not least, Elizabeth got to meet her Uncle Sam. She decided he looked snuggly enough to spit up on right away. Fortunately, Sam didn't seem to mind too much and was no worse for the wear. Besides, she could sense his love for AI I think and that bonded them instantly.

We have been so blessed to be the beneficiaries of so much kindness and visits from people who had to travel quite a ways to get here. Thanks for all your help. It's too bad that it seems you get the most help at a time in your life when you have the least time to appropriately thank those who give it or are willing to give it, but we'll catch up one of these days I hope! (I will, won't I?)