Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We asked Elizabeth tonight what we should name the new baby. Without hesitation, she said "George."

In Elizabeth's world, there is no name more beautiful than Curious George. Like attracts like, I suppose. One naughty monkey deserves another.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yet another reason I ADORE having family around...

Elizabeth gets to make great memories with her cousins.

She's just giddy every time she sees them.

Despite being an only child (for the next 2 months or so), she still has the benefit of getting roughed up by people she loves.

And, they wear her out with little to no effort on my part. We love you guys. Thanks for playing with us.
When I say this girl is into everything, I mean EVERYTHING!

Look at her all caught in the act of getting into my mascara.

On a positive note, she looks like she's grasped the concept of where to put mascara.

That little smirk says "I know I got caught but I can tell Mom's not mad. Baby gets away with another act of mischief!"

And here she is painting her face with toothpaste.

And now she's scowling at me for trying to catch this on film.

In somewhat related news, Adam is excellent at getting mascara out of clothes so please check with him if you ever have the need.

Today while I was putting on my make up, she somehow got ahold of some concealer and fingerpainted the bathroom door with it. I should have suspected something was up when she didn't come pull at my leg begging for make up or hair product for longer than 60 seconds. What can I say? It's just another rookie mistake.