Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Could anything be more lovely than Christmas in Illinois? Look at the beautiful picture of Christmas in Chicago! Need I say more? ;)

Tamara and I have been so blessed this year, and 90% of those blessings come from the love and support of family and friends. Thank you all for being patient and loving towards the Brauns, even when we don't deserve it. Just know there is always room at the Braun inn for all of you.

We wish everyone a magical Christmas holiday, wherever you might be!

Warmest Christmas wishes,
The Brauns

Monday, December 17, 2007

Explain this!

OK, so I just heard on the radio that eleventy billion Cowboys fans are all mad at Jessica Simpson for Romo's performance in the last Cowboys game (which incidentally, I happily heard it was his worst in his career - college or pro).

Here's where you lost me. We were all mad at Carrie Underwood when she was linked to Romo because he was similarly playing badly back then.

So, from where I sit, there is one constant and it isn't the chica sitting next to him. Why do these crazy die hard Cowboys fans not blame Romo for 1. most recently, having very very bad taste (I mean, Jessica Simpson? My expeirence with Mid West Boys is they have their feet on the ground and good heads on their shoulders. Is this a classic opposites attract for the Ro-Man?) and 2. Not being able to keep his head in the game!

Really folks, the fact that the girls exist is not their problem. We have their parents to thank (or blame...ahem...Joe Simpson) for that. And that Tony is attracted to them and wants to spend time with them? That's pretty much a combination between laws of nature and some poor choices on Romo's part. But if he makes a career out of playing football and gets paid what he does to do it, why is he not being held accountable for not doing what he is contracted to do?

And P.S. , make no mistake about it. I'm tickled pink every time the Cowboys really matters not why in my book. But let's give credit where credit is due. This concludes my rant. Thanks.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Shake it like it's hot...

Happy birthday, Mr. Braun. Today we celebrate how awesome Adam is!

How do you not love a guy who will surprise you with AMAZING tickets to a baseball game on the Fourth of July because he knows your family goes every year and you were going to feel homesick if you didn't get to go.

Or who will study up on proper Nascar etiquette (as if there is such a thing) because you and one of your BFFs get the hairbrained idea that you really must go to Nascar, just once, if you're ever going to fully experience Texas. (Such a good sport. Hence the ear coverings pictured below.)

One of the greatest things about Adam is everyone just likes him. I've never known anyone to meet Adam and not just love him within minutes. In fact, people usually threaten to stop hanging out with me if I don't bring him along.

He's a better cook than I. It's only obvious that he's nicer than I am and he knows how to get that horribly annoying impossible plastic covering that batteries come in without breaking his hand or getting a jack hammer out. Plus, he's corn-fed. I mean, what's not to like?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Nothing Says Love Like...

1. A christmas tree, complete with lights. It's our first Christmas married and so Adam surprised me tonight with our very first Christmas Tree. He even tricked me into telling him what kinds of lights I like on my Christmas Tree and put those on so that when I walked in the door this evening, I could smell the wonderful smell of pine and there was a soft glow in our dining room from the tree. AND he was even so thoughtful to wait on ornaments to let me pick out just the ones I wanted.

2. Hot Tamales. They are my favorite candy and Adam brought some home to surprise me! And better yet, he even wrapped it (complete with a bow) and put my little present on the tree. I love surprises even more than almost anything I can think of and I got 2 in one night! This is the best Wednesday night of my life. Thanks Adam! Maybe this week will turn out better than I thought... :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


So, for this post, I'm going to need you all to channel Clark W. Griswold. So, I'm pulling out of my driveway at zero miles an hour. I'm watching behind me because I have to be very careful how I pull out since our fence borders our driveway in the back and so if I swerve even a snitch I'll take out my own fence. On the radio (this is not a lie) "Happy holiday, Happy holiday, May the calendar keep bringing happy holidays to you." All of the sudden, my car is just JOLTED, I mean rocked like a baby with colic.
I look behind me and see nothing. I put on the e-brake thinking "I'm not far enough out of my driveway to have it a trash can." I look to the right. Nothing. I look to the left to find a car that had sped down the alley behind our house SO FAST that she couldn't even pull her car to a stop until she was cleanly in front of the house next door to mine.

Her front fender was crumpled back showing the scars of functionally side swiping my bumper. Oh, and her hubcap had popped off and was resting soundly (what was left of it) in my drive way.

This sweet little sister (not so much) then pranced herself out of the car and confessed the following two things:

1. This happened to me in our last neighborhood. (Things that came to mind to say: 1. "Does it count as 'happening to you' if you're the one that causes it?" and 2. "Genius, learn your lesson and stop barrelling down the blind alley!")

2. I just didn't see you. I completely didn't see you. (Things that came to mind to say: 1. "Well did you see what was on your ipod which you were fiddling with when you Kabloooied poor innocent Reginald?" and 2. "I hope the song was good b/c it's gonna cost you!")

And worse! Poor Adam still suffering from back trauma hears the sound (and heaven can only imagine what he must have thought happened) has to haul his stricken carcass out to survey the damage. Luckily the appraiser saw my car this afternoon and felt optimistic that it couldn't be my fault. I heart him.

And the photo? While this isn't my trusty car Reggie, it's an accurate represenatation of how he feels this afternoon. Get well cards to Reggie are totally appropriate. :)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Feliz Navidad!

There's something about the holidays that just brings families together. Who can look upon this sweet little manger scene and not feel a warmth and love toward all of their brothers, indeed, toward all mankind. Oh I know...that'd be me and if you look closer, I think you might understand why. Click on this picture below and you'll find that this peaceful manger scene is ruined by 2 things. 1) I was Mary and my brother Dale was Joseph (which I'm pretty sure is just blaspheme for any number of reasons) and 2) your eyes are not playing tricks on you. My brother is, in fact, sticking his tongue out at me. But other than's all quite festive, wouldn't you say?
For those of you out of towners, each of the stakes in the Dallas area does a Christmas Nativity exhibit and all members are invited to lend their nativies to the stake for display for about a week at the beginning of the Christmas season. We then invite friends and co workers of other faiths to come into our church buildings that week and enjoy the exhibit displaying the hundreds of nativities from all over the world (and one live nativity which is what Dale and I were doing in those get ups). Children's choirs (usually primary kids) sing softly in the background. Adults volunteer to host the event and answer any questions that may come up. I'll be honest. When I first heard about it, I thought it was a snitch cheesy of an idea but being there last night definitely changed my mind. I saw wonder and awe in the eyes of so many people as they wandered around and became aware of what our church really is about, that we do celebrate Christmas and the wonder of Christ's birth.
After our shift was over, I took a lap around the exhibit myself and felt the most amazing peaceful feeling. I was most impressed by the nativities from countries far away and the way that each nationality had fashioned the figures in the nativity to look and dress the way people of that nationality would dress. It made me remember and feel joy that the good news of Christ's birth is true and real and relevant in any language and in any country and that the gospel that Jesus Christ brought is for all of us. And that really did fill me with a sense of good will toward my fellow man...even Dale. So much so that I was even able to sit reverently for this picture. Merry Christmas everyone!