Thursday, March 11, 2010



Do my eyes decieve me? Are there blossoms on the trees in the Brauns' back yard? Sent by one called Spring? Could it be? Are your frigid tormenting clutches finally relaxing their relentless grip on us? Indeed, does your demise bring with it another reason to go on living? I daresay yes!! I even put on shorts today to celebrate, or rather to puncutate my glee at the early signs of your surrender to my beloved Spring. And may I say that it is about time. Long overdue, at that. But better late than never. And by the way, neener neener.

And to you, Spring. You sure have taken your time this year. I'll confess that I began to doubt. I wondered if you'd lost your way back to us. But all is forgiven. Flowers will do that to a girl. Even if you did just splash them willy nilly on any tree in the neighborhood. I'm not picky. I'll take them any way you send them. I've missed you, my Dear. Call your friend Summer and tell him not to dawdle, won't you? Thanks, Darling. Now make yourself at home and let's agree that you'll stay awhile, shall we?