Friday, November 11, 2011


Here's a recap of our halloween activities.

First, the Trunk or Treat. Elizabeth was Abby Cadabby (from Sesame Street.)

It was cold that night so Natalie was a flamingo. (And she would NOT let me take a decent picture of her!)

The girls got WAY too much candy.

On Halloween, Elizabeth and I carved her pumpkin from the pumpkin patch and made her first Jack-O-Lantern. She picked the face out all by herself from a bunch of samples on the internet.

We went trick or treating at the outlet mall by our house that afternoon with Elizabeth's 3 quasi brothers. She liked being Abby so much she wanted to do it again.

That day was unseasonably warm so Natalie was Tinkerbell.

And she was still not interested in letting me take a decent picture of her.

Here's Elizabeth and her entourage. Do you love the mario and luigi costumes because I did.

Elizabeth did not want to take her nap on Halloween so I didn't make her...and this is what she looked like on the way home from the outlets. It was only 5:30 pm.

She woke up in time for dinner and decided she wanted to trick or treat at the neighbor's house and like 5 others. It worked out great. That was plenty for Natalie's attention span. Evidently she was over being told what a cute Tinkerbell she was.

Hope yours was great too!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

What a lucky summer evening...

So there we were, chillin at the park watching Adam's rec league softball game when cutest ever Nikki Morris turns around with a camera in hand. The next thing I knew I see Elizabeth and Natalie smiling from ear to ear while actually LOOKING AT THE CAMERA! What? Who knew that was actually possible! Anyone who knows me knows that I am INCAPABLE of getting my children to look at the camera which is clear evidence to me that Nikki has some kind of super power. She claims to be a novice, but I think you'll agree with me that these pictures don't look like the work of a rookie.

The softball games are such fun. The team is made up of a bunch of guys Adam really likes. And the wives are girls I just love to be around so it's a good chance for us to visit while we watch Dad show off his mad baseball skillz. Fingers crossed for another season of baseball!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Natalie had been running a pretty high random fever. I was taking her temp and Elizabeth was watching. I was trying to keep her from bugging Natalie or from catching whatever Natalie had.

E:"Mom, what are you doing?"
Mom: "I'm taking Natalie's temperature to see if she's sick."
E:"Mom, is Natalie sick?"
Mom:"She's got a fever. I'm not sure if she's sick though so please don't touch her."

Enter Dad.

E: "Dad, don't touch Natalie. She's got a beaver."

After baths we were putting lotion on Elizabeth. She saw a freckle on her ankle and in a super whiny, I'm just about to cry voice she starts to panic.

E: MOM! I've got an owie!
M: Silly, that's not an owie. It's a freckle. Freckles don't hurt!

In a super happy, perky voice and while pointing at her freckle:

E. MOM! Look at my pickle!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Last night we were reading scriptures and talking about the wicked king Noah. We were talking about how he had all his wicked priests replace all the righteous ones. Elizabeth in her super emphatic way puts both hands out, palms up,and shouts "oh no! That's horbidle" then when Adam was able to hold a straight face, we told her how they were going to kill abinadi. Elizabeth strikes the same pose as before. This time she says "dad, that's diculous!" a la la la!

During prayers this morning, we were helping Elizabeth. I told her to say "help me not to hit." Elizabeth said "help me to spit." ah, what a difference a letter makes. :)

And Natalie got a top tooth today! Who told that squishy little angel she could get bigger?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A day in the life...

The scene:
Elizabeth is in the back yard playing with her little friend Camden. I'm sitting in the frame of the back door watching the kids. Elizabeth runs inside past me and quickly turns around and heads back outside.

E: "Eckoos me, mom. I need to run an errand."
M: "Oh, sorry. Am I in your way? Here, I'll scoot over."
E: "Thanks, Mom. I have to run an errand, ok Mom?"
E: "OK Mom?"
M: It dawns on me that she's waiting until I say ok. "OK honey. Have a good trip."
E: running toward her little play house. "I'll be right back, Mom."

E opens the door to her play house and shouts "Erin? Erin!"

Oh...THAT kind of errand. (We know an adorable little girl named Erin)

LATER THAT DAY, driving in the car home.

E: MOM! I need a drink!
M: Say "please," honey.
E: (Completely sincerely and in the most earnest tone): Please honey.

Careful what you say. They're listening!