Saturday, July 24, 2010

To you, they are just a pair of baby sandals. However, to Elizabeth, they are much more. When Nana was out here visiting months ago, she couldn't resist these little shoes. We got in the car and she turned around and handed them to Elizabeth who was already securely fastened into her car seat. Upon first glimpse of them, my little 18 month old baby cooed and said "oooohhh. cooot!(her version of cute)."

Nana was pleased with her purchase but had no idea the monster she'd created. It was that pair of shoes from which my little babe derived her obsession with shoes. And who can blame her? You should see her little baby feet and pink toenails in them, or any shoes really. In fact, I often find 2 or more pairs of my shoes lying around the house because she needed to try them on and wear them around the house as well. A word of caution though. Heaven help the unwitting grown up who wants to help her put them on. Be prepared to hear "My turn put on shoes!" I'll admit that it is pretty great to not have to scrunch my ever growing self down to put her shoes on for her though. Her timing could not be better. Now if only I could get her to clean her own room...:)

It was a tough day...

You moms of little ones will understand. Those days when you can't seem to say or do anything that doesn't annoy the little darling. Early the next morning, I took her outside to enjoy some morning sun. She insisted (and I do mean insisted) that I put her down, even though she didn't have any shoes on. I obliged because I was not prepared to have another day like the one before.

She scurried off...

To bring me this. "Here, Mama," she says, "a flower! Mama want another flower? I get you another flower?" I smiled at her and told her it was beautiful and she beamed back at me for a minute before she ran off to find another flower for me. Yes, I know I should be apalled at the state my back yard was in that day before it had its weekly grooming. And yes, I know it's just a weed. But in her mind it was something beautiful that she knew I would love and she wanted to give it to me. And she was so proud of herself for making me so happy. How can you not love a baby who knows Mama loves flowers and runs to get them for her at her first opportunity?

Don't you love that about babies? They don't even remember from one day to the next that they hated your guts yesterday. Maybe she will think I'm cool one day far far away. But some day it will happen. We're gonna make it, she and I. We'll be besties. I can feel it. :)