Sunday, September 12, 2010

What we have been up to lately...

Nothing, that's what! Just kidding. Nana just went back to California. Adam just went back to work after paternity leave so my new reality is just setting in. So, before I permanently lose any remaining sanity, here's a recap of how we spent our first two weeks of bliss...

Natalie got to meet some more of her cousins and get spoiled by her aunties at her first game day tailgate party (sad day, UCLA, sad day).

Of course we make time to stare at this snuggly little face.

Elizabeth has been learning how to work all of her sister's toys and "help her" turn them on and off.

Nana took her turn napping with Natalie because how rude would it be to make her nap alone, right?

Natalie has been enjoying some spa time

Of course we had to make some more time to stare at this squishy little face.

Natalie did some sun bathing while we did our best to work off that jaundice

We at tons of take out...all healthy of course. Adam's work had dinner delivered to us for 7 nights which was a pretty fantastic perk to add to the two weeks of paternity they gave him. Let's hear it for the boss man!

Elizabeth took advantage of the opportunities to show off her baby sister and I certainly could not have been expected to pass up the chance to dress them alike, now could I?

We spent some down time just memorizing every feature of this little miracle

And then we decided to mix things up by staring at this sweet little face.

Elizabeth saw that Natalie could stick out her tongue so she decided to see if she could provoke her baby sister to do it more often.

Natalie got introduced to story time which precedes naps and bed time and she appears to like it.

In fact, Elizabeth enjoyed the company so much she read stories to Natalie herself the next time. Turns out both girls are big fans of the Cat in the Hat.

All of the sudden, though, all the fun had to stop! We had to stop hogging Nana in the way that only one can when she has just had a baby and she had the nerve to go back to Cali with Papas! What's that about? At least she played dress up with Natalie one last time before she left.

We've become pretty big fans of this leisure time with as much Dad and Nana time as we wanted. Too bad it had to end so fast...

We had to console ourselves somehow, so we went ahead and got back to staring at this beautiful little face.

We're in love. Two is definitely better than one. How lucky could two parents be?