Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The verdict?

Here's your one last chance to take a guess at the gender of the newest Braun baby.

While you're thinking about that, let me answer a few of your questions.

1. I'm 20 weeks, give or take a day or two.
2. I'm due sometime around the end of August.
3. We were not surprised to find out we are having another baby, at least not any more than anyone else who wants another baby and finds out they get to have one. Thrilled. Ecstatic. Giddy. Thankful. But not surprised.
4. Elizabeth can't wait to have a sister. And we can't wait to have another baby girl. We're pretty enamored with the little one we have and feel incredibly lucky that we get to have another one.
5. Someone asked so I'll answer: I am absolutely not sick of pink. Can that even happen? I can't imagine it. If anything, I can't wait to get all those cute teeny baby pink things back out! And I love a reason to make our blog pink again. Heaven help Adam. :)

Thanks for being excited for us. Good news is always better when you get to share it.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why I hope Adam will be in charge of planning our anniversary forever and ever

He does such a great job. Adam knows I love, more than anything, a surprise. For our anniversary this time, he told me not to plan anything and that he'd take care of babysitting and everything. He told me Friday night would be when we'd celebrate. I didn't ask any questions because I was content to see what he'd surprise me with.

Well, Thursday night he says to me "I guess I should give you a little hint just in case..." I looked at him and thought "what does that mean?" He said, "you know, in case you want to pack something specific and you'll need some notice." Um, what?

He proceeded to tell me that we'd be flying out Friday to go to San Diego and we'd be back Monday. What? No, seriously. What? Are we really going? We honeymooned in San Diego and just had the best time ever. We swore we'd go back every few years just to reminisce about the best week of all time. And we did!

So, here's the travelogue.

We got there Friday night and went directly from the rental car lot to In-N-Out. Obviously.

We woke up in the morning in that gorgeous hotel in that beautiful city and just couldn't stop looking at the view. It was beautiful. Shrimp just basked in the morning sun.

After a leisurley breakfast, we cruised on over to the San Diego Zoo. It was so much fun there! I love that zoo because every exhibit is so well presented. It's like each animal is their most prized animal and so every exhibit shows so well. Plus, they set up the exhibits so that kids in strollers can see the animals as well as if they were being held. (Happy news for parents.)

Shrimp was so funny. Every animal that she recognized was treated to an impromptu, completely unprovoked but full regailing of her interpretation of it's sound. The ducks heard a vigorous quack. The tigers heard her very fiercest roar.

But it was the monkeys that had the last laugh. She started off with her monkey sound at the top of her lungs and these monkeys proceeded to swing furiously through the trees making the real monkey sound. Really loudly. And the look on her face was priceless. She was completely shocked. Floored. She really could not figure out what was wrong with the monkey. She looked at me like "Mom, what's he doing? He's doing it wrong! Doesn't he know how to sound like a monkey?" Her monkey impersonation stopped then and there. My little jabber mouth isn't often speechless but she certainly was at that moment. I laughed so hard.

We also got to meet a baby panda which was rad! There are only so many people allowed in to see them at a time and you're not supposed to talk above a whisper. Yep. That's right. My baby. Whispering. Just picture it. I couldn't either, but she did it. Quiet as a church mouse. Shocker.

We were in the mood for a rest after all that animal watching so we took an air tram ride over the zoo. So relaxing and such a nice change of scenery...or viewpoint, I guess.
Shrimp was just completely worn out. Adam and I walked around for a couple more hours enjoying the quiet and the beautiful weather and then took off.

We got to La Jolla just in time to catch a beautiful sunset. I miss the sunsets on the water more than most.

Elizabeth had to be satisfied with dipping her toes in the sand even though she'd much rather have gone headfirst into the surf. That's my water baby!

The next morning we cruised up the coast to LA to surprise my parents. Of course Adam would know there would be no way that I could stand being so close to my family and not go see them so he built that into the trip. He even called my little bro Brett to coordinate the ambush with him. So thoughtful!

It was the NFL playoffs and Brett was tivoing them when we got there. Mom and Dad were still at church so Brett took the opportunity to warm up the crowd. Here he is helping Elizabeth get pumped and signaling touchdown. As usual, she warmed up to him immediately. I can't blame her. That kid is just so loveable.

Mom got home from church first as Dad had a home teaching visit. She walked in the door and I met her in the living room. The look she gave me was priceless. She just kept saying "What?" Over and over. It took me a minute or two to decide if she was happy to see me. The shock wore off by and by and the bone crushing hug she gave me afterwards says the surprise was a pleasant one. She wasted no time making friends with Elizabeth too. Yogurt puffs. Works every time. Plus Nana has all kinds of dress ups and accessories and that'll warm shrimp up, no problem.

Next home was Papas. When I met him at the door, he repeatedly patted my shoulder, then his chest. When he finally got around to speaking, he said "are you really here? I'm not dead. At least I think I'm not dead. You're not dead, are you?" No, Dad. Not that I'm aware of. :) Anyway, he said it was the biggest surprise he's ever had. Adam should be proud for handing him the biggest surprise of his life. Papas and Shrimp made friends easily enough. She liked letting Papas read her stories. He does an excellent job of impersonating storybook characters, evidently.

Elizabeth is one of more than 20 grandchildren on my side of the family so she doesn't often get her Nana, Papas and uncle Brett all to herself and she lived it up. It was obvious that she relished having time with all of them. She was totally herself, unrestrained and uncensored and most people don't get to see that side of her. I was so happy that my family got to see her that way. I'm not sure when she'll ever have them to herself again. Thanks Brett for keeping the surprise and thanks Mom and Dad for being so gracious about unexpected houseguests while you were in the middle of a ridiculous, heinous, kitchen, dining room, living room, family room, game room remodel.It meant the world to us to have that time with you. And the renovation turned out ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. I covet the new look so I say all the growing pains were worth it! Thanking Adam would take an entirely separate post and I'll spare you all of that. That can be done off line.

Late that night we made the drive back down to SD. We slept in the next morning and lingered on the balcony. The view of the marina and the surf was my favorite part.

We ate breakfast on the marina. Shrimp dutifully pointed out each and every bird that flew by which was very informative for each of our dining companions. I know they appreciated it, even if they didn't say so explicity. :)

We took a wonderful stroll along the water and the bay and soaked in as much of the San Diego sunshine as we could humanly absorb. Elizabeth fearlessly chased the seagulls right down to the water and made friends with each of the locals she came across. Love a friendly baby!

And then, one last stop at In-N-Out as we made our sad way to the airport.

Elizabeth seriously consumed an entire In-N-Out Burger all by herself. She may look small, but she packs a whole lotta food in those 20 little pounds. I've surmised that she can put down twice her body weight in a single meal. Trust me. You'd have to see it to believe it.

Adam showed way more self control than I did. He didn't even have a single shake the whole time we were there. Does that even count as an In-N-Out run? I think not.

I, on the other hand, have absolutely no restraint. Nope. I think my total for the weekend was 2 neopolitan shakes, 1 order of fries, 1 pink lemonade and 3 burgers, animal style, protein style. Now, I know that may seem excessive...and it is. But hey, I'm allowed. After all, I am eating for two.

Yep. That's right. And we find out tomorrow what the baby is. Predictions?