Thursday, April 28, 2011

A day in the life...

The scene:
Elizabeth is in the back yard playing with her little friend Camden. I'm sitting in the frame of the back door watching the kids. Elizabeth runs inside past me and quickly turns around and heads back outside.

E: "Eckoos me, mom. I need to run an errand."
M: "Oh, sorry. Am I in your way? Here, I'll scoot over."
E: "Thanks, Mom. I have to run an errand, ok Mom?"
E: "OK Mom?"
M: It dawns on me that she's waiting until I say ok. "OK honey. Have a good trip."
E: running toward her little play house. "I'll be right back, Mom."

E opens the door to her play house and shouts "Erin? Erin!"

Oh...THAT kind of errand. (We know an adorable little girl named Erin)

LATER THAT DAY, driving in the car home.

E: MOM! I need a drink!
M: Say "please," honey.
E: (Completely sincerely and in the most earnest tone): Please honey.

Careful what you say. They're listening!