Thursday, July 5, 2012

Breathtaking, in my unbiased opinion. :)


Thank you Nikki for helping them hold still to capture these perfect, precious moments.  They  grow up all too fast.  How we love our beautiful baby girls.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ready or not, here we go...

 So, I was switching a load of laundry.  Scarlett was sleeping on her blanket on the floor and the big girls were playing in their room.  I came back to find this.  The girls had each brought out their favorite blanket and covered Scarlett up with them.  Then they created a nest out of pillows from the couch that they built around poor unsuspecting baby Scarlett (who, bless her heart, slept through the entire affair.)  Then, they both brought in their favorite stuffed animals and stacked them next to Scarlett so she could snuggle them while she slept.
 I could not believe how long Natty stayed there.  I thought she'd get bored and go running off to do something (because she has an attention span similar to mine) but she didn't.  She was just so happy snuggle (and/ or unwittingly almost smother) her sister.
 This is how we most often find Natalie.  She is the official paci finder.  She wanders around the house looking for pacis and handing them to whomever is holding Scarlett...and if no one is holding her, Natty takes matters into her own hands.
 But the love doesn't stop there.  The girls can't stop snuggling each other since Scarlett came on the scene.  They are always pretty much sitting on top of one another whenever they are holding still.  It's so funny!

 This is how Daddy spent "paternity leave."  Working all day on his computer while the girls did their best to get his attention and lure him out to play with them.  Even though he had to work every day, it was still nice having him home.  The kids are just different (read: happier, sane, less manic, etc.) when daddy is home.  It's just better when Dad is home.
 Randomly, this is just a pic of Scarlett after her first bath that I just had to post.  Can't you just smell the baby lotion?  I love squishy, clean, brand new babies!
 Adam's friends sent a sweet litte baby gift basket for Scarlett and in it were the two cutest little medals for the bigger girls that said "New Big Sister."  The girls were so excited to put them on and they wore them to church, reportedly for all three hours.  I can't stand how much fun we're having here.  3 girls at a time.  We'll be insane before long, I'm sure, but we'll have a great time doing it.  :)
Much to my dismay, Nana was needed elsewhere so she left on Sunday night.  She was so awesome.  Seriously, I don't know if I would have made it through labor let alone recovery and the week after without my live in nurse/ mama/ other brain/ right hand woman.  I love you mom!  Thanks for helping me pretend like I have it all together.  We miss you already!

Miss Scarlett comes home!

What in the mutation is wrong?  I swear these pics are all oriented correctly in my files but I can not get them to go in the right direction.  Anyway, just tilt your screen so you can see this correctly.  (Perhaps it's the sleep deprivation because I don't recall having this problem anymore...)  ANYWAY, here's Daddy getting ready to debut this new little girl to the world.  Is he a proud Dad or what?
This was just a random pic that Adam took when I was just hanging out with the baby but it so captures my time in the hospital.  I love love love those little hours in the hospital in the middle of the night when it's just me and my new baby and we get to just hang out and get to know one another.  I love how at those times, I don't have to share her or let anybody else hold her and I can just hoard her all to myself.  It never gets old to me how their little faces literally change each day and every morning I get to memorize her face and those perfect little features over and over. 
Here she is, sideways unfortunately, but all dressed up and ready for her debut.  Thanks Kristin for her ensemble, head to toe.  I can not get enough of that fluff.  I LOVE LITTLE GIRLS! :)
And away we go...ready or not Scarlett, here comes the real world!

A brand new Braun!

 What on earth?  I can't get these pics to rotate the right way but anyway...out of respect for tradition, here is Mama right before delivery.  Doesn't 9 months pregnant looks SO GLAM?  Seriously people, let this be a lesson to you next time you see a cute baby and think, it wasn't SO hideous when I was pregnant. :) 
 Here's our little family of 4 before we became a family of 5!
 And 15 hours after we got the party started, my little beauty made her appearance.  She has got a mind of her own but that shouldn't surprise us.  A beautiful 8 lbs even and 21 inches long.  Do you LOVE those cheeks because WE ADORE THEM!
 Daddy looks great after 15 hours of labor, doesn't he? 
 I was just as giddy as I could possibly be.  I got a brand newgorgeous perfect baby out of the deal.  I couldn't be happier.
 Here's Nana who also weathered labor well.  Check the clock behind her, folks.  It says 1:10...that's a.m.!  Do you look that great at 1 am?  Because I sure don't!
 It was the best when the girls came.  We were so happy to see them in the morning and, despite our nerves, they were in love with the baby from the minute they saw her.  (p.s. daddy did their hair AND dressed them and they don't even look like orphans!)
 We are all vying for title of her biggest fan but Elizabeth is sure making a pretty good push.  She can not get enough of her.  She just stares and sings and smiles and talks.  She tells the baby that she'll be right back any time she has to leave the room.  She tells her where she's going and when she's coming back and gives her at least a dozen kisses.  Too cute!
 Natalie loves to bring her her paci and always drops her stuffed animals into the baby's bassinet when I'm not looking so the baby doesn't feel sad or get lonely. 
 I am so in love with the way they stare at her and are so curious and loving.  It's adorable.  They just took to her she had been in our family since they could remember and it was so sweet!
Oh, and Elizabeth still spends most of her days like this.  Little miss Scarlett is so lucky to have two big sisters that adore her.  And we are about the happiest parents in the world to have 3 beautiful little girls.  What can we say?  Some folks have all the luck!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ballet Beauties

Look at this face! Can you stand her? I swear I did not pose her. My shy Elizabeth did this all on her own!

Anyway, here she is learning to plie.

And working on balance.

And look at these three little ballet princess cousins all in a row. If there's anything more endearing than your little girl's first ballet class, it's watching her share it with her tiny cousins.