Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You know you're in Texas when...(Volume 2)

So for this installment, you know you're in Texas when your family comes into town and you take them to see cows!

Jacob came to town!!! Could my brothers in law be any cooler? Jacob was such a good sport! We took him to Cow Town and saw a for reals cattle drive.

Lead by cowboy dudes like this guy! And then we saw a cowboy shoot out with a cowboy like the dude below!

I asked the boys if they felt any guilt for eating ribs right after we saw a cattle drive. Unsurprisingly, the boys were unphased. In fact, they opted for the "all you can eat" menu choice and loved every morsel.

So then we went to the cattle yard to see where the cattle drives of the old west used to end up and how they used to scope out the cows they wanted to buy. These beasts are SO big!

I decided if I were in the market for a cow, I'd have picked this beauty. I mean, look at all the body in his horns. It's lovely and all achieved without product.

Thanks for joining us for this installment of you know you're in Texas when. Don't worry folks. We've still got plenty more to show you all so come on down and we'll feature you in our next volume! And thanks for coming Jacob. You make everything more fun because you're so easily entertained and quick to laugh. You're welcome back any time!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Really, Lakers? That's all you got?

I know, Phil. My sentiments exactly. Even with the league MVP on the roster, the best we can do is crumble like sniveling little girls on the court. I embarassed. I feel shame.

Chin up, Zen Master. We at least still like you, even if we despise Kobe!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


On Saturday, Adam hooked us up with passes to the Zoo. My brother and sister in law and their kids, together with our other nephew Brandon, were gracious enough to join us! Below, Brandon, Camille, Emma and Ashley pause for a moment after an up close and personal visit with the gorilla to allow me to document the wonderful occasion. Here, the kiddos, (including Uncles Justin and Adam) take a peek through the telescopes in the African jungle exhibit. These things take focus as you can tell from their very intense posture.
Here's Adam showing Ashley how to make friends with a certain adorable little primate. The monkey was too cute for words and Ash was just enthralled with him.
I think my SIL Katie had had enough of the afternoon heat. She seemed a little too happy to have her head in a crocodile's mouth. In fact, she made it look so fun, everyone had to take a turn!
Thankfully, Ashley's daddy was there to rescue her from this ravenous beast.
And fearless Brando was able to fend him off of Emma. Phew, it was close for a minute there.
We're so lucky to have family here close. Adam and I both agree that just about everything is more fun with kids and we just happen to have the most entertaining nieces and nephews on the planet. They keep us laughing, that's for sure. And their parents aren't bad either. Well, that's one Saturday activity down. I can hardly wait to find out what Adam will come up with for next weekend!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Weekend in Cali

Last weekend, my beautiful sister got married in L.A. She was a stunning bride and I'll post pictures of that soon but in the meantime, Adam and I took the chance to stay a few extra days and live it up in So. Cal. We hung out with family and visited tons of our favorite haunts. We had the best time EVER! Here's a bunch of our tour guides who we have to thank for our enjoyable weekend showing us the Chinese Mann Theatre.
We (the ladies) have a favorite locale to get our chocolate fix. Here is Carrie (my wonderful SIL who I love love love) and her cute baby Aurora together with my mom (need I even mention how much I love my mama?) and our other niece Malia. We thought it was about time to introduce the next generation to chocolate addiction.
And we thought we'd bring the boys along. They both loved it. I would have posted a picture of Adam loving his chocolate bliss but unfortunately I'm in it and I look...well...dreadful. Sorry Adam! :)
Then we took a day trip up to Santa Barbara to show Adam some of the other beautiful scenery in Cali. Here he is with baby Aurora outside the mission in Santa Barbara. The weather was SO perfect that we had a picnic on the beach. It was beautiful. So perfect. Have I mentioned how I love Cali? And on to our next field trip...HOLLYWOOD!
Check out Adam teaching his little buddy Kenzie all about his favorite star on the Walk of Fame. Look closely folks. Here, I'll help you out:

That's right. We couldn't take the man to Hollywood and not let him pay homage to Stallone, right?
Kenzie found her way to Shirley Temple and next to the cast of Harry Potter. What bliss for the kid!
Daddy found John Wayne. It was pretty much his happy place. What dad doesn't love John Wayne?!?
My little brother Mark (teeny, isn't he?) lead us all to Sean Connery and you can imagine the Celebrity Jeopardy lines that followed.
And we topped the night off by seeing Wicked. Thanks fam for making time for us and for accompanying us all around the Southland to revel in the glorious Cali fun. We couldn't have asked for a better trip! Love you guys!