Sunday, April 6, 2008

I may have found a new reason to live...

Thank so the Cub Scouts, my nephew Brandon needed to get his Outdoor Cooking merit badge. You know what that means... Uncle Adam at his best. I mean, if ever there were a skill that this man had mastered, it's the grill. So, here's Adam teaching the kiddo how to construct the perfect burger. Brandon is obviously reveling in his new found "man skill..."
I managed to cruise outside to the garage right in time to catch the tail end of Adam teaching Brandon "Grill Safety 101." My personal favorite part was the discussion of the explosive properties of several different types of gases when exposed to flame. I really couldn't follow the conversation...too much chemical reaction discussion for my simple mind but the take home message was definitely obvious: BOY SCOUTS, YOUNG AND OLD, LOVE FIRE AND EVERYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH IT!
Here's Brando eating the fruits of his labor. I personally partook and I have to say, let's hear it for the Boy Scouts organization that gives Adam a great excuse to get out to the grill and me an excuse to partake in the goodness. You guys, the food was just too good. These boys are culinary geniuses. And is it just me or does the smell of a barbecue just seem to sound the alarm that, at long last, winter really will surrender to sunshine and long warm weekends? Summertime, how I love you!