Sunday, September 30, 2007

And we finally moved in

So here's a picture from our street. It's not all that close of a photo but I haven't been able to dig up my camera/ computer wire connector thingy so I this is just the photo from the realtor's webside. We will post the before and after pictures of the inside after we I get . But for all you fans out there, now you get to see a picture of our house. We're excited. I'm mostly excited to be out of our bite sided master bedroom where I had to close the armoire in order to walk in front of the bed. Heck, I could do cartwheels in our room...that is, of course, if I weren't old and out of shape, but don't lets focus on that, shall we? Anyway, our kitchen could probably eat our old kitchen. It's fun. It's completely exhilarating to not have to walk up and down 3 flights of stairs in my stilletos on the way to work/ church every morning and to not have to prance myself through a rather sketchy parking lot in the dark at night when I get home.
I am in love with the floor plan. I'm in love with our neighborhood. Across the street is a super cute street lamp that looks like the street lamps out on Privet Drive in Harry Potter. I keep watching for Mrs. McGonagall (sp?) in the form of a cat chilling out there. Our neighborhood is super quiet and our neighbors introduced themselves on our way in the door the first time. When we pulled into our driveway today after church (in Texas, they are in the back of the house) our neighbor was barbecuing and invited us over to eat! We love Texans. The hospitality is amazing. And I love owning my own house! :)

Friday, September 28, 2007

My how time flies...

So, Tuesday marked the one year anniversary of my first day being a lawyer. (I guess that would be 7 in dog years?). Anyway, it came just like it in rush hour traffic driving down the same freeway worrying about being late into the office (whatever that means) and thinking "I wonder if I'm really cut out for this." I guess it's like most things in life. You get an idea in your head and it becomes your main focus and all you can think about is accomplishing that goal...and somehow when you get there, it's not exactly the picture you painted in your mind. Not that it's necessarily better or worse, just a different hue than you'd anticipated and you have to decide if it's one that really suits you.

In any case, I'm happy to report I'm a year more experienced and remarkably, I feel like I know less now than I did when I started. It's a humbling experience to have absolutely no idea what you're doing all day long...which I guess is good because most people in the world think we lawyers could stand to be humbled a bit more than we are. Anyway, I'm just throwing myself a little party for having made it. But also, I've been thinking of how long I've been after this goal and how interesting it feels to be on this side of it. I guess I thought I'd feel like I'd "made it" but I don't feel like I've arrived anywhere yet.

Anyway, I felt really humbled Tuesday when I realized getting through law school and the Bar Exam (sorry Adam for saying those cursed words) was completely a group effort so thanks everyone for the pushes in the right direction. I remember many many times when the task seemed way too insurmountable and I feel like someone was always there to help me through again.

How pathetic am I? I have like a monumental struggle with something as insignificant as a test and more years in school than I would have liked and most of you are all moms, raising kids and doing really important stuff. Heaven help me when it's my turn for that!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Let the countdown begin...

In almost exactly 48 hours, Tammy and I will be making the single-largest purchase of our lives (see earlier post)! We are very excited to have a permanent residence that will truly feel like our home. Now, if we can just get through the next 10 days of cleaning, packing, moving, cleaning, unpacking, organizing, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning...

Anyone want to come visit us for a rockin' party of painting, grout scrubbing, and appliance cleaning? We'll throw in a nice Texas-sized belt buckle for your troubles...;)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Oh happy day!

So, while this is not the prettiest picture ever of me, it's is the prettyiest moment ever in my life. What Adam and I are sharing here is a piece of chocolate cake. (And you'd say "Tams, you can't eat chocolate cake!) Oh yes I can! Thanks to our wonderful friends Lois and Doug Hale, I was surprised this evening when we all went out to eat at a restaurant where the ENTIRE MENU is gluten free! That's right. For the first time in 4 years, I opened a menu and could eat anything I wanted...none of it would send me into anaphalactic shock! As my friend says, it's the little things... I'm of course now going to gain 3 million pounds since I now know where to access the tastiest gluten free chocolate cake on the planet, but it'll all be worth it. Every pound packing bite. Oh joy of all resplendant joy!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Finally...WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!

Well, I promised excitement and excitement there will be. We bought a house a couple of weeks ago. We close on September 21. Holy cow, it has been SUCH an ordeal but I'm super excited. Our friend Marisa insisted we take pictures as we signed the contracts and stuff and that is why you've got this lovely shot of my backside before your eyes. So, this is me marking up the contract. I thought since this is what I do for a living, surely I could make it say just what I wanted and make sure it was fool proof. (I was wrong. The sellers pretty much tossed out most of what I added to the contract. I suppose I deserved that.) Here's Adam signing on the dotted line. Momentous for sure.
And here's Marisa pressing send to fax that baby in. I'll send photos just as soon as we get the place painted and stuff but I wanted to share the good news. We're so excited. And we've got plenty of room so come visit us already! Trust me, if I can like Texas...anyone can.

OK OK, so I caved.

I give. Adam told me I'd cave and I caved. So I did it. I've got my own blog. My family blog will always be my favorite, of course. They're funnier than I'll ever be and let's be honest, they've got cute kids. So, for all three of you out there reading this, I hope it's as entertaining for you as it is for me. Yay for being a blogger!