Saturday, March 2, 2013

The setting: Mall play place

N comes running around the corner beside this 4' high bear thing she'd repeatedly jumped off off.  (Twice her height!)

"Mom, I'm super!"
"You're super?"
"I'm super n because I'm super!!!" And off she goes to jump off the top again.

The setting: family prayer

N has this new habit (aside from pretending to be a kitty all the time and insisting we call her N kitty) of praying without opening her mouth.  like, you can hear her voice and the inflection in her voicem you just can't make out the words.  its very high pitched and squeaky.  I feel like that is how a dolphin would sound when saying its prayers.  Anyway, N was said her prayers in the non opening her mouth way.

Immediately after N finished, E smirks, looks over at me and says "well I don't speak Orca so I'll take that as amen.". She then proceeds to say her prayers and says "please bless N to stop speaking Orca." Completely matter of factly.

No seriously, where do these kids come up with these things?